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Dear friends! Welcome to Austira, Canary and Italy! Cheap apartments!

I’m glad to inform you that from now on I have an opportunity to rent you an apartment on Tenerife (Canary), house in Austrian and an apartment in Italy. Look for the details below!!!

Apartment on Tenerife:

60m2, 1 bedroom + living room attached to the kitchen+ backyard (ground floor) – is situated in the southern part of the island where it’s always warm (around 25C above 0). The active volcano can be reached for excursions within the minutes. In 5 minutes of walk there is the seashore with the new bulk beach. Cheap flights: Poland-Tenerife-Poland with low-price – 70$, standard price round-trip ticket – 200$. Tenerife is the duty free zone thus the prices on the island are much lower than in all continental Europe, sales and discounts start in January-February. And now the best part – the price for the apartment is 30 euro per night for 1-2 people, 40 euro – for the company of three people and 50 euro for 4 people. With the simple calculation you can see that it will cost you only 200 euro per person to have a wonderful trip to Canary for 10 days!!!

House in Austria:

situated in the nearby of the town Villach on the mountain (height -1 km), half of hour away from 3 ski resorts (30-200 km of slopes – 3 km above the earth). The house is in 2 km from the highway thus you can easily go to see the famous cities of Salzburg, Munich, Venice etc. There is thermal spa center not far away from the house, in the house there is running mineral water. The house contain: 3 floors, 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms with the fireplaces, 4 restrooms, 6 bedrooms (5 rooms with double beds, 1 room with 2 separate beds). I am glad to offer you 3 variants of rent: the whole house – 200 euro per night, 1 guest – 35 euro per night, 1 guest with full board (breakfast+lunch+dinner) – 50 euro per night ( in case of any trip you’re getting food to go).

Apartment in Italy:

situated in the very center (near the Central park) of Triest within 5 minutes of walk from the sea (the distance to the pier, to swim you need to go 5 km by car to the beach which is situated in the outskirts of the city). The apartment goes as the Bed and Breakfast rent, 35 euro per night for one person. At the moment only one room is available for rent for maximum 2 people. The fully equipped kitchen allows you to cook by yourself. 2 more rooms are planned to be done by spring. Bed and breakfast mean that we will provide you with all you need for breakfast: tea, coffee, milk, cheese, sausages, yogurts and cereals etc. You prepare the breakfast and wash the plates yourself.

And the most important! We are very interested in each our guest! We are glad to serve every our client! And we can offer you several variants of our gratitude for the guests you invite to visit us:
1. 10% of our fix price for each new guest
2. we discuss the price with you – all overpay is your profit
3. Find 4 guests for the holiday in Austria and go with them for free!!! Or you have a free trip for the same period to the Canary Islands or Italy – your choice!

Thank you a lot for spending your time for this information! Will be glad to answer any your questions! Grateful for repost!


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Мы предлагаем в аренду наши собственные объекты недвижимости, без посредников по отлчной цене. Дом в Австрии, квартиру в Триесте (Италия) и квартиру на Тенерифе (Канарские острова).

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